How can I book a transfer?
Follow the instructions on our booking form and fill in the empty fields.
Can I trust the drivers found on Dispocars?
Yes, of course. We have manually checked and approved each and every one of the service providers. All service providers have licensed companies with valid insurance policies according to local laws.
What pick up time should I set?
If the pick up is from the Airport, Train Station, Bus Station, we recommend specifying your flight/train/bus arrival time as the pickup time. As well as provide the according to flight/train/bus number, so the driver can follow up. In case pick up is from your hotel to the airport, you will have to calculate the departure time by yourself. We recommend having a 3-hour margin for Airport transfer.
How long does the trip take?
This depends on the destination you select. You will be able to see this during your booking.
What should I do if my flight arrives earlier?
Usually, drivers are following your flight number and will see if your flight is due to land earlier. If possible they will adjust the pickup time. In case this is not possible they will arrive for your scheduled pickup time. In any case, you can contact your local Transport Supplier when you land in order to specify this.
Can my driver make a stop or change the route?
In case you need to make a stop or change the destination route, you can always contact our office to make these changes. Your travel voucher, which is sent to your email to confirm your reservation, states the fixed price of a trip to a particular destination without extra stops or detours.
Can I travel with animals?
The transportation of animals is regulated by the legislation. Any animal should be transported in a portable carrier and have medical certificates and other documents according to the legislation of the country visited. Before traveling/booking you should get in contact with our customer support, so we can confirm with the Transport Provider. Important note: in case of a law violation, your driver has a right to refuse to provide this transfer. The company-carrier can require compensation for any damage to the vehicle during the trip.
Does the driver speak English?
We try to choose partners whose drivers do speak English. However, we can not guarantee that every driver can speak English.
What currency will I be charged in?
You will be charged in EUR, if not selected otherwise.
Is the price per passenger or per vehicle?
All prices stated on our website are per vehicle.
What happens if my flight is delayed?
Your chosen transport provider will be tracking the flight information (flight number), that you provided during the booking. If the delay is more than an hour (60 minutes), please contact us via phone (please see contact numbers on our website).
What happens if my flight is cancelled or rescheduled?
In case your flight is canceled or rescheduled to a later time or date please contact your local transport supplier. Contact details you can find on your booking voucher. Inform them about the situation and see if they can adjust the waiting time or move the travel date, please mind this may cause extra cost. We will not be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of flight cancelations and would advise you to contact your travel insurance provider for further information on reimbursement.
How do I find my driver?
Drivers' details will be provided on your booking voucher. Most airport drivers will be waiting at the arrivals hall with the name board. You can see if the Meet&Greet service is included at the time of booking. If you can not find the driver call the number specified immediately. In case it is not possible to reach the driver, contact our Customer Support.
What happens if I don't meet my driver?
First of all, you should try to contact the driver directly on the phone number which is provided on your booking confirmation. If you fail to make contact with the driver, please contact us and we will investigate the situation.
What if I need to cancel my trip?
Cancellations can be done via email or Customer Portal. Please check our cancellation policy for refund policy.
What if I left my property in the vehicle?
Contact the service provider directly on the same number that you have on your booking confirmation. You must agree with them directly on the property recovery. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for any items left behind or for costs incurred as a result of lost property not returned.
How do I get a payment receipt?
You will automatically receive a payment receipt in your email after you have made the payment. Or you can download it in Customer Portal. Please note a payment receipt is not a VAT Invoice.
What if my payment has been declined?
If your payment has been declined please get in contact with your bank directly or try to use a different card. We accept VISA, Master Cards, AMEX, PayPal. And many other payment providers.
How do I know my booking is successful?
After booking confirmation and making payment you will receive an email with confirmation within 24 hours of the transport service provider and payment receipt. This means your booking is successful.
How do I pay for my booking?
We will take full payment at the time of the booking.
How do I claim a refund?
Refund claims must be made via email or Customer Portal. All refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of your travel date. Please provide as much details/documentation as possible in order for us to review your refund request as soon as possible.
How can I amend my booking?
You can amend your booking by logging into the client portal or by contacting out customer support.
I didn’t receive my voucher, what should I do?
Please allow 24h to receive your transfer voucher in your email. The voucher will be issued only when the transport service provider will confirm the service. You can review or re-print your voucher on the Customer Portal or from your email.
What insurance coverage do I have?
Insurance coverage varies per supplier and per country. It will cover the minimum local legislation requirements. For more information, you can contact the transport company directly. Please mind that this does not free you from having travel insurance which will cover other cases like flight delay, health, etc.
How do I make a complaint?
Firstly you should try to resolve directly with the transport provider. If this is not possible please raise a case to our Customer Support. The case can be submitted within 7 days of the travel date.
What does the price include?
The price of a one-way transfer includes: · Taxes · Tolls · Gratuities · Driver · Transport · Fuel · One-way transfer
How much luggage can I take?
Luggage capacity will be displayed at the time of the booking, it varies depending on the size of the vehicle you selected. In case you exceed the capacity of the luggage specified during the booking please make sure you get in contact with the transport company to inform them. Excess luggage may result in extra costs.
What if I travel with children?
You must specify during the booking if traveling with infants or children. Contact the local transport provider on the number provided on your transfer voucher to request a child seat if required. Child Seats are deemed optional extras and will be chargeable. If the local transport provider is unable to provide the required child seat, then you will need to bring your own.
How many passengers can travel per vehicle?
The number of passengers will be specified during your booking. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the number of passengers. There will be no exceptions to this and if you arrive with more passengers our driver will have the right to refuse transport. Or it will result in an extra vehicle (if possible/available) and so extra charges.
Why have I been charged additional fees?
Please call the transport company to clarify this, if not possible contact our Customer Support.
Do I need to tip the driver?
The price already includes drivers' tips, however, if you feel like tipping extra you can do it.
What documents do I need to bring for my transfer?
A printer or digital version of your voucher as well as ID may be required in order to check if the correct person is being picked up.
What if I have made a duplicate booking?
If you have made a duplicate booking by mistake go to the Customer Portal section and cancel one of the bookings. Please mind that booking can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before the scheduled pick up time.
I missed my flight, can I receive a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not refund if you miss your flight. Please contact your travel insurance company for this occasion.
Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Please contact us for any other information that you would need to know before traveling. When sending a request to our Customer Support please make sure you enter your booking number in the subject section and provide as much information as possible in order to receive a faster reply.